« The stars song » (Le Chant des étoiles ***)


« Le chant des étoiles » *** is a cultural and scientific project of experimental research using hyper frequency radio communications by amateur radio stations by a non profit  association Dimension Parabole under contract with Etablissement Public du Parc et de la Grande Halle de la Villette, EPPGHV.

The purpose of the association is the rehabilitation of a radiotelescope that had been designed and installed in the Parc de La Villette when the Cité des Sciences was born in  the 1985-1986’s. The radiotelescope instrument was dedicated to the detection of radio signals coming from Galactic atomic neutral hydrogen (HI). However, to our knowledge, due to various issues, the radiotelescope have never been activated until now.


Back in 2011 the Association des Radioamateurs de Paris (ARP75) contracted with EPPGHV for the recovery of the radiotelescope but could not achieved the goal. The succeeding association « Dimension Parabole » has subscribed a new contract with EPPGHV in order to rehabilitate the instrument.

Project goals are multiple. The first one is to achieve a cartography of our Galaxy by receiving and measuring signals emitted at the frequency of atomic hydrogen. This was the original goal when the instrument had been designed for general public astronomy demonstrations.

Experimental radiocommunications on hyperfrequencies by radioamateurs may look strange to most people. Amateur radio stations use different means in order to achieve long distance trans horizon communications, such as artificial satellites or other natural screens.

For example they can use reflection of signals by the Moon, this is called « Earth-Moon-Earth » or « EME » commuications, or via meteorites or « meteor scatters » , via rain clouds « rain scatter », via aurora borealis, via troposphere sporadic layers, or via amateur satellites.

We intend to perform communications with other radioamateur stations by using the Moon to reflect radiosignals or relayed by a radio transponder module on board a geostationnary satellite. Recently an Amateur Radio satellite designed under the responsability of AMSAT-DL has been launched by a Space-X falcon rocket and put into geostationary orbit. It is located at 26°East. The satellite allows communications between amateur station using telegraphy, telephony and numerical television modes from a large Earth area.

We thus participate at our own level to personal and collective education, about diffusing scientific knowledge, international exchanges and mankind closer relationship, without any financial interest as specified in amateur radio regulations by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU).

« Le chant des étoiles » project will allow the demonstration of amateur radio to general public, help scientifc student education and promote relationship throughout countries. Different events will be organized with didactic workshops and demonstrations.

Meanwhile however, as many years passed without maintenance, parabole mechanical parts have suffered. Rust on one motor reducer and gearings have broken pins when rotation test of the antenna was performed. Remember that no lubrification was done during more than thirty years !

Recently, Dimension Parabole association asked EPPGHV to provide new underground main power and Ethernet cables.  DP team connected two 1200-1400 MHz preamplifiers and two pass-band filters close to radiotelescope antenna source and replaced old coaxial cable for signals transportation between antenna and receiver.

When motors are repaired, Internet link will allow telescope remote control toward radio sources targets and transmit over Internet received signals on a Software Defined Radio receiver. Analyzed signals from the radiotelescope antenna are already available and displayed by Dimension Parabole WebSDR. This application is temporarily not functionnal . Another experimental  WebSDR is to be activated soon together with a SatNogs station.

Dimension Parabole is associated with Hackers from Electrolab (Nanterre) that offered to repare the telescope instrument antenna motors.

Dimension Parabole is sharing with Internet radio broadcast station *DUUU  the use of one of the red buildings « Folie N4 » located nearby radiotelescope. Radioamateur and radioamateur by satellite stations are being installed in Folie N4 close to *DUUU recording studio.

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*** « Le Chant des étoiles » – A french composer, Louis Dandrel, created in 2000, Le Chant des étoiles, a music inspired by pulsars song, where waves captured by radiotelescopes are tranposed.