Become Hamradio operator while staying in Paris, France

Interest of the US FCC regulation for hamradio licensing is mainly the publication of the known list of questions and answers. It is relatively easy to learn and practice via Internet. The idea is to get a license that can be used in all countries (and in the USA of course!) that have reciprocal agreements with the United States. In France a foreign citizen holding an US General or Extra class Hamradio may operate during three months in France. Then he may apply for an F4 class license. We are very fortunate to have Rémi F6CNB/N5CNB who is ARRL accredited Volunteer examiner. A first exam session has been already organized in June in Paris after which five US licence have been delivered by Federal Communication Commission.

We can practice answering questions and even take a mock exam directly on the site of ARRL:

You must register and log-in the next times on the site by clicking on the top left.

Several options are available: standard (Technician, General, Extra) and unfolding by chapter or sub-elements etc …

If you select « Exam Review » for a mock exam, as soon as one to answer a question the correct answer is displayed and gives your score at the end of the series.

For example there are 423 questions in the bank MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions) of the Technician class … A typical Technician test includes 35 questions …

It is necessary to answered correctly to 74% of the questions to succeed.

Dummy exams are a great exercise for upgrading and memory. It is better to regularly work 30 minutes a day.

F6CNB ​​/ N5CNB is volunteer examiner team manager accredited by the Laurel Amateur Radio Club to validate the tests entitling a license and a US Amateur callsign.

A test examination occured Saturday June 20, 2020 at RadioClub F4KLO, Folie N4, Parc de la Villette, Paris 19. Nine candidates attended the three exam sessions. Four succeeded Technician, one General and four Extra levels.

A number of exam session will be organized regularly in Paris, France. If you are staying in Paris for a few months, you must absolutely seize this opportunity.

According to European Conference of Postal & Telecommunications Administrations (CEPT) agreement, as soon has you get your FCC license you may run a radioamateur station in European Community countries.

Date of next licencing exam session in Paris area

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