QO-100 teleport (eng.)

A teleport for communicating via radioamateur geostationnary satellite QO-100

TV sat 10 GHz 90 cm dish antenna used for testing
LimeSDR and SDRConsole 3.07 receiving QO-100 narrow band transponder

Apart from EME activity project and radioastronomy experiments, DP team is preparing a teleport at la Villette base radioclub station in order to receive from and transmit to QO-100 satellite from remote access.

Radiotelescope geographical coordinates are :
48° 53′ 38 »,01 Nord – 2° 23′ 18,26 » East

This satellite locator from AMSAT-DL is usefull for TV dish set up

AMSAT-DL recommandations for accessing QO-100 satellite transponders

This teleport will be dimensionned for using wide band DATV and narrow band signals (SSB, CW, numeric transmissions) retransmitted from both geostationnary hamradio satellite QO-100 transponders. Download signal from satellite is on 10GHz band. Using a software available here we have already received transmissions from the narrow band satellite transponder with a 90 cm dish. Upload will be on 2,4 GHz. AMSAT-DL recommandation for accessing transponders can be found here.

Qatar Oscar 100 narrow band satellite transponder WebSDR

Map showing exceptional satellite coverage
TV dish antenna is being painted red to fit the Folie N4 building color

We will soon set up this 130 cm parabolic offset dish for satellite QO-100 DATV transponder receiving demonstrations

F1TE PCB of minitiouner pro designed by F6DZP.

Minitiouner F1TE PCB distributed by Réseau des Emetteurs Français


DATV transmission will be at 2400 MHz. BATC designed the Portsdown DATV transmitter. It is based on Limesdr and RaspBerry Pi 3B+. We are presently assembling such a DATV transmitter.

BATC Porstdown DATV TX